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SEO Topic Research

Data-Driven Keyword Research and Expansion

Keyword Research Framework for B2B SaaS

At SERP BEAT, we believe in transparency. That’s why we’re laying out our proven SEO Topic Research process – designed to not just drive traffic, but to generate the right kind of leads for your business.

Our 6-Step Process

Understanding Your Ideal Customer (ICP)

  • Objective: Clearly define who your perfect customers are – their pain points, motivations, and how your product or service is their solution.
  • Action: We’ll collaborate to create a detailed ICP profile.
  • Outcome: A crystal-clear picture of your target audience, guiding all our research efforts.

Initial Keyword and Topic Research

  • Objective: Uncover keywords and topics your ideal customers are actively searching for.
  • Action: We dive deep into comprehensive keyword research.
  • Outcome: A vast list of thousands of potential topics, all relevant to your ICP.

Relevance and Demand Check

  • Objective: Narrow down the list to the most impactful topics.
  • Action: We rigorously verify relevance to your ICP and ensure topics have a minimum search volume of 10+ searches per month – a sign of genuine interest.
  • Outcome: A refined list of topics with proven potential.

Performance Data Analysis

  • Objective: Leverage your existing data to validate topic potential.
  • Action: We analyze your Google Search Console data to see how these topics have historically performed.
  • Outcome: A final list of topics backed by real-world data and proven search interest.

Prioritize Topics for Content Creation

  • Objective: Focus on topics that will drive leads and build authority.
  • Action: We strategically evaluate each topic based on:
    • Alignment with your core product or service
    • Transactional intent (likelihood to convert)
    • Competition level
    • How well it solves your ICP’s problems
  • Outcome: A prioritized content calendar packed with high-impact topics.

Content Execution

  • Objective: Create content that converts.
  • Action: We develop engaging, informative content tailored to your ICP’s needs, showcasing your product or service as the solution.
  • Outcome: High-quality content that not only ranks well but also attracts and nurtures leads.
What This Means for Your Business
  • Lead Generation: We prioritize topics that attract potential customers actively seeking your solutions.
  • Topical Authority: Your brand becomes the trusted expert in your industry.
  • Market Dominance: We target low-competition, high-value keywords to give you a competitive edge.

Ready to Get Started?

    • Initial Consultation: Let’s discuss your goals and define your ICP.
    • Research Phase: We’ll conduct in-depth keyword and topic research.
    • Validation Phase: Together, we’ll analyze and prioritize the most promising topics.
    • Content Creation: We’ll craft content that resonates with your audience and drives results.
    • Review and Adjust: We continuously monitor performance and adjust the strategy for optimal success.

    Let’s work together

    Partner with SERP BEAT and unleash the true organic search power for your B2B SaaS business.